Customer Reviews

Tyler replaced a limit switch on Wednesday 12-14, and then on Saturday 12-17, the unit stopped working again. Tyler responded quickly and came over and fixed the problem. He was professional and turned what could have been a negative situation into a positive one. 

—Daron Henrie

Tyler, thank you for responding so quickly to check out my furnace. I am reassured to know that it is safe and performing well. Since you did such a thorough service, I will sleep better tonight. 

—Mary Wellmon

Just wanted to let you know that our experience with your company has been nothing short of AMAZING. The office girls were kind and respectful and Kent the repairman was informative, kind and efficient! Thank you all for your quick response and your great work!!

—Paul Gardell

I just wanted to follow-up with a thank you for sending Tyler out. He answered all our questions and I feel went the extra mile to diagnose and repair our system in a very timely manner and make sure we were satisfied. I will definitely be calling again for future tune-up and maintenance requests. Thank you!

—Cody and Marissa Palmer

Hi Cory,

Got to spend the day so-to-speak with Caleb, Tommy, and Steve. What a great bunch of guys!

First, Caleb and Tommy arrived a little more than 30 minutes early. To me that says they value their job.

Secondly, all three installers are very polite and considerate-how refreshing for a change.

The thing that was the most surprising is that they were open to suggestions and eager to please. It wasn’t like they “knew it all”. If they had a question or were uncertain about something, they asked. They kept you informed of what was going on-nice to be included in the process. They listened to Rudy’s comments and answered his inquiries.

I just don’t remember the last time I enjoyed people in the customer service end of things as much as these guys.

Great job screening applicants to fit the job both in knowledge and in personality.

Tuck a copy of this email in their employee files to remind you that these are several guys you want to keep around and reward them according.

—Rudy and Jennifer Proctor

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the hard work Tyler Merrill has put in for us lately. Good kid with a super personality and work ethic.

—John Christensen


I know you were out of town when we had our “crisis” about ventilation in the cheese plant but I wanted to tell you thank you for jumping right on the project. It was awesome to see a couple of guys installing our ventilation early the next morning. You really exceeded my expectations and I wanted you to know that I appreciate it.

Thanks again!!

—Dave Larsen

We have had a terrific relationship with Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning for many years. Jeremy is always so reliable, we depend on him and we trust his judgement. We schedule  routine maintenance twice a year and feel confident that allows our furnace and air conditioner to perform very efficiently. Thank you Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning for providing outstanding service that meets our needs.  We would highly recommend your company to others!

— Dallas & LeAnn Holmes

Thank you for helping us keep our house warm.

—The Plantz Family

I live in a townhome in Logan Landing. This past weekend I had an issue with my furnace. My maintenance guy called you guys and I just have to say how impressed I was with TJ, who attended the call. He was so courteous and polite…He did everything in his control to solve the problem…Thank you for having outstanding technicians work for you and for caring to get heat back in our home for me and the little kids!

—Kimberlee Adams